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Sokal gets one more minute of fame

Remember Alan Sokal? He’s the physicist who, in 1996, submitted an article to the postmodernist journal Social Text in which he claimed that “physical ‘reality,” including gravity, “is at bottom a social and linguistic construct.” The whole thing was a hoax aimed at exposing postmodernism as fundamentally nonsensical.

It appears global warmism has found its Alan Sokal, a man named Tom Chalko. Our friends at note a story that appeared on both the CBS News Web site and MSNBC claiming that global warming causes the earth to move:

“The research proves that destructive ability of earthquakes on Earth increases alarmingly fast and that this trend is set to continue, unless the problem of “global warming” is comprehensively and urgently addressed.

The analysis of more than 386,000 earthquakes between 1973 and 2007 recorded on the US Geological Survey database proved that the global annual energy of earthquakes on Earth began increasing very fast since 1990.”

Dr. Chalko said that global seismic activity was increasing faster than any other global warming indicator on Earth and that this increase is extremely alarming.

CBS identified this as an Associated Press story before pulling it from its Web site (it’s cached here ). The story still appears at, identified correctly as coming from Marketwire, a press-release wire.

This columnist lacks the scientific expertise to judge all of the various claims made on behalf of global warmism. So, however, do almost all other journalists. The Chalko hoax illustrates the journalistic mindset that prevails on this subject, which is to believe any claim, no matter how outlandish, about the dangers of global warming. Indeed, at least one journalist has gone so far as to liken skepticism about global warmism to Holocaust denial.

Can we believe anything we read about global warming when those who write it display such an extreme degree of credulity?


Canadian Health Care Wait Times

So when Obama gets elected on the backs of ignorant youth who think it cool to wear a Che Guevera t-shirt, he no doubt will start embarking on nationalized health care.

And one of those common mantra arguments you hear from the right is “do you know how long the wait times are for these countries with universal health care???”

…a friendly Canadian…pointed me in the direction of the Fraser Institute where they conducted a study on wait times in Canada. And it seems not only were they not joking about wait times being horribly long in Canada and other countries, but they’re getting worse.

Couldn’t have said it better myself

I would define a conservative, first as one who believes in the Constitution as it is written. That takes care of free speech, freedom of religion, the right to petition the government, the right to keep and bear arms and, in the words of William O. Douglas in one of his saner moments, ‘the right to be let alone’.

Second, a conservative believes in small, limited government at every level. Along with this he believes strongly in individual responsibility. That is, a person or a family should take care of itself and turn for help to government only when all other means have been exhausted. It also means that society, before government, has a duty to take care of its own. Government should be a resource of last resort.

Third, a conservative believes taxes should be levied for the purpose of financing the limited responsibilities of government such as providing for the common defense, catching and incarcerating criminals, minting money and filling potholes. Taxes should not be levied for the purpose of redistributing wealth…

One other thing I think a conservative believes is that the parents, not government, are and should be responsible for the upbringing and behavior of their children.”

Lyn Nofziger


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